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Eco Techno Teaser July19

Discover the meaning of quality! Eco-Techno’s vacuum evaporator systems: since 1984 partner of your savings.
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Eco Techno Water Boiling test in Vacuum

How the vacuum can reduce the boiling temperature of water. We apply this principle to our Vacuum Evaporators.
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Eco Techno App Video

The Eco-Techno App: a tool for learning about plants, their characteristics, and choosing the right type for each purpose. View Eco-Techno vacuum concentrator evaporators with revolutionary augmented reality technology. Download it for free from the official iOS and Android stores.
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DPM SE salts recovery

The vacuum evaporation technology applied for salts recovery. Thanks to our experience we easely can recover TDS in a solution. Eco-Techno: ZLD technology. Sustainable, customized. Vacuum evaporation technology applied for the recovery of salts in water-based solutions. Eco-Techno: ZLD Technology. Sustainable, personalized.
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100,000 DPM3 SE 2 minutes building

Eco-Techno vacuum evaporator DPM3 SE built in 2 minutes. The Eco-Techno DPM3 SE vacuum evaporator built in 2 minutes.
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