Who we are

Since 1984, we’ve been supporting companies in their wastewater challenges.

Eco-Techno is a company driven by innovation. Four decades ago, we revolutionized vacuum evaporators, pioneering the concept that industrial wastewater represents not merely an expense but a valuable resource.

This marked the inception of an intriguing narrative marked by trials, advancements, expansion, bespoke projects, and the gratification of witnessing how a vacuum evaporator can fundamentally shift the perception of waste disposal.

For four decades, we’ve provided a viable alternative for wastewater management.

Eco-Techno leads in innovation: drawing from the evaporation principle utilized in seawater desalination plants, we’ve crafted product lines tailored to customer requirements and continually broadened our offerings. A consistent hallmark is our use of top-quality materials.

Our expertise has reshaped the outlook on treating contaminated waters, turning them from a cumbersome liability into a valuable asset. Ours is an ongoing journey, propelling us to anticipate the future by exploring and handling wastewater treatment innovation with utmost environmental sensitivity.

We are the key player in the field.

Recognized as pioneers in utilizing evaporators across diverse industrial sectors for wastewater treatment, our extensive experience and adept problem-solving skills have garnered respect from both competitors and industry experts.

Our Journey, milestone by milestone

1984 - Cologno Monzese

Ecotecno introduces the first vacuum distillation plants capable of purifying acidic waters and treating seawater or salt-rich water. The first models of vacuum evaporators, concentrators, and desalinators offered capacities ranging from 70 to 5,500 liters/day of treated liquid.

1998 - Sesto San Giovanni

While continuing to produce desalinators and purifiers, Ecotecno focuses on designing vacuum evaporators and concentrators for industrial wastewater treatment. Plants with capacities exceeding 10 M3/day are realized. Klimeco is established, a commercial office dedicated to distributing Ecotecno plants in Italy and worldwide.

2002 - Busnago

IIn the early 2000s, ECOTECNO collaborates with DI.PE., a company specialized in water treatment plants, to develop new technologies: hot water or steam-powered evaporators and crystallizers, single and multiple effect, capable of treating and recovering water up to 60M3/day. To meet the production demands of these plants, ECOTECNO relocates to the spacious Busnago facility, integrating all commercial, research, design, and construction functions efficiently. A laboratory for analysis and treatment testing with pilot plants is inaugurated. Since 2008, plants with capacities exceeding 130 M3/day have been realized.

2014 - Busnago

Eco-Techno is established, a cutting-edge company with an R&D laboratory capable of solving the most complex challenges.
The company offers a comprehensive range of evaporators, crystallizers, evapo-concentrators, and vacuum concentrators aimed at guiding numerous companies towards Zero Liquid Discharge, delivering significant savings for customers and substantial environmental benefits.


Eco-Techno’s Commitment to Transparency

We stand by companies as they progress towards a more sustainable future, aiding them in adopting a transformative approach to wastewater treatment.

This commitment entails, at times, advising potential customers on alternative solutions to vacuum evaporation if better suited to the specific type of wastewater being addressed.

Mission and vision:
an ongoing sustainable journey

Our aim is to minimize, and whenever possible, eliminate discharges by recycling and reclaiming both water and raw materials. This is our aspiration and what we consistently achieve for our clients.
Tailoring a vacuum evaporator to meet the customer’s requirements means:
→ Translating their decision into an economic advantage,
→ Generating a reduced environmental footprint on the ecosystem,
→ Positively impacting future generations.
Sustainability remains the cornerstone of all our endeavors.

Our products and our raw materials are certified and guarantee high-quality results.