ZLD – Zero Liquid Discharge

The escalating focus on sustainability has propelled water resource conservation to the forefront of corporate agendas, with “Zero Liquid Discharge” (ZLD) emerging as a pivotal objective. ZLD entails the in-process reuse of all treated wastewater, eliminating its release into the environment.

This goal, increasingly pursued across industries, offers substantial benefits: recycled purified water, reduced disposal costs, raw material recovery, diminished environmental footprint, and regulatory compliance without discharge controls.

The attainment of ZLD hinges on vacuum evaporation technology. Through a blend of technologies like membranes and evaporators, a system capable of producing high-quality purified water for in-process recycling is achieved. Additionally, waste concentrate can yield tangible solid end-products.

Eco-Techno specializes in helping clients, in different sectors, realize ZLD objectives by implementing advanced vacuum evaporation systems tailored to their specific needs.

Our products and our raw materials are certified and guarantee high-quality results.