The new Eco-Techno App

Eco-Techno takes a new step forward by offering its customers a unique tool. Thanks to the new app, it is now possible to view our facilities with augmented reality technology, appreciating all their distinguishing details.

This is just one of the incredible features that will be developed on this application. Scheduled maintenance, updates, offers and news in real time, all the way to monitoring the status of the plant and any anomalies, all in one tool always at your fingertips. In the updated version you will find some useful functions such as the energy calculator, which is useful to know the treatment costs for different types of plants, or the function “find the plant that’s right for you” thanks to which you will be proposed the solutions closest to your needs, or even the collection database of waste CER codes with a simple and intuitive search function.

Eco-Techno, specialists in vacuum concentrator evaporators since 1984, now the best support even on your mobile devices.

Download for free the new Eco-Techno APP, available for Apple and Android devices.

Access the App Store or Google Play download page directly from your device or click one of the links below.

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