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The R&D laboratory of Eco-Techno is a significant plus for our customers: it is from here that our consulting and study of possible solutions begin.

For us of Eco-Techno, it is essential to pay maximum attention to the needs and peculiarities of each customer: every company has its characteristics, just like the wastewater produced by a specific processing.

Our laboratory technicians, continuously updated and trained, perform specific analyses to identify the best type of evaporator for each specific application and validate its performance. The tests are carried out in our internal laboratory by replicating the same functioning and operational conditions of the proposed evaporator on a small scale. We also have a series of pilot plants to conduct tests at our headquarters or directly on the customer’s site.
The nature of the treated waters, although similar between projects, requires a series of evaluations, technical modifications, and sometimes minor but fundamental adjustments for the proper functioning of the plant. From these studies and the initial phases of wastewater testing, Eco-Techno can lay the foundations for a design made “ad-hoc” for each individual customer.

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