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Eco-Techno designs and manufactures plug-and-play vacuum evaporators powered by electricity or heating fluids (hot water, steam, or diathermic oil).

Our vacuum evaporators are characterized by:
→ Modular package units
→ High automation
→ Wide choice of components
→ High adaptability of the brands we use for software and hardware
→ Maximum quality in construction materials (certified)
→ Operating modes optimized for the effluent
→ Most efficient type of heat exchange
→ Concentrate reduced to a minimum

All our plants are fully automated and designed to operate 24/7 without the presence of an operator. They are made for both indoor and outdoor installation (special customization).

Our wide production range allows us to offer the best custom vacuum evaporator technology tailored to the client’s needs, both from a technical and economic standpoint.



We specialize in designing vacuum evaporators that seamlessly align with our clients’ spatial constraints and leverage the most cost-effective energy supply options. Additionally, we customize the plant to align with the compatibility requirements of software already in use by the customer, ensuring optimal performance across all components. Our truly bespoke plants accommodate physical dimensions and integrate into the operational dynamics of the facility, becoming an integral part of the business process.


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Our products and our raw materials are certified and guarantee high-quality results.