Packaging and inks

In recent years, the packaging industry has become increasingly sophisticated, using more refined materials and paints with special characteristics. Furthermore, with the advent of the Green Economy, the produced packaging is getting more and more eco-sustainable.


Whether it’s the production of plastic, tetrapak, cardboard, or aluminum, the only method still used to wash machines and production lines is with water and solvents. The washing effluent is a liquid that cannot be discharged into sewers and surface waters because it does not meet the regulatory limits.


The evaporator is the right solution for treating these effluents because it recovers most of the water; the obtained distillate can be used again for the production cycle.


→ The obtained distillate is reintroduced into the production cycle
→ The distillate can be used for washing
→ The residual concentrate is disposed of
→ In the treatment of inks, the concentrate can be recovered, adding value to the process
→ Cost reduction

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