Food industry

Water is a fundamental element for all processes in the Food & Beverage industry.


For every use, whether it be the preparation of drinks and products or the cleaning of machinery and plants, the water must then be specifically treated in order to comply with the strict regulations related to a circular economy.


The use of vacuum evaporation technology in this field is the most natural and effective treatment process that allows for the total recovery of water.

In particular, our evaporators can be used to:

  • Concentrate hydroalcoholic solutions
  • Treat waters from the washing of production lines
  • Concentrate sugary solutions
  • Concentrate whey
  • Treat wastewater from salting processes
  • Concentrate musts
  • Recover vegetation waters
  • Recover concentrates as by-products in the animal feed industry
  • Treat wastewater from coffee and caffeine production


→ Total recovery of water
→ Cost reduction

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