A small gesture for the Gambia

17 July 2017

In the beautiful setting of Palazzo Vistarino in Pavia, the benefit evening organized by the Pavia Association of Engineers “Orphanage at the Gambia” was held on Friday, July 14. Order President Eng. Augusto Allegrini opened the event by presenting the project to build an orphanage in Lamin in southern Gambia, while lng. Barbara Ferma and lng. Alessandro Tornasi, members of the International Cooperation Commission Order of Engineers of the Province of Pavia, explained the initiative and the progress of the work.

The project relies solely on self-funding by David Jatta, an evangelical pastor who, together with his wife Jeanne, supports the community in which he lives, in the village of Lamin, with various initiatives. Thanks to donations made by Giving Hope and Capacity Building Initiative Networks, they were able to purchase land large enough to house an orphanage and a small school. Work continues exclusively when funds are sent, since no NGO is involved in fact, there is no other way to continue the project except by sending money to help pay for raw materials and labor. Contributions collected at the event were used to fuel the project, which is scheduled for completion within a few months.

At the end, the president wished to address special thanks to Eco-Techno and all the sponsors who made the event possible, as well as actively contributed to fundraising.

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