A new plant to serve the environment

27 July 2018

Just these days, a new 100 cubic meter day ECO DPM-SE series triple-acting plant is being assembled at the customer’s premises. The project concerns the ambitious goal of recovering raw materials contained in spent solutions, achieving a hitherto unthinkable goal. The special technology used in this type of evaporators, which can maintain continuous mixing of the solution to be concentrated, makes it possible to achieve very high density levels by arriving at the precipitation of solids in solution and facilitating their downstream management.

This project, which began exactly one year ago, was managed for the first few months with careful laboratory studies and tests and then moved to a pilot test phase conducted by simulating complete processing cycles. All of this allowed us and our client to make fairly precise technical/economic evaluations, drawing up a real production plan and effectively making our plant a true production investment.

We are not adding any more information, but we will devote extensive space to this project in the coming weeks.

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