A 2017 started … in a big way

4 February 2017

The year 2017 saw the arrival of large orders that literally took up the large space in Eco-Techno’s production department.

While until recently the ECO 60,000 DPM2 SE thermal evaporator (visible in the photo on the left) excelled over the other plants in production, today, now reaching completion, it finds itself in the shadow of the much more impressive ECO 100,000 DPM1 SE: a 100 cubic meter day single-stage thermal evaporator. An ECO 3000 DRY-WW was placed in the middle while further to the right is a 6000-liter day scraped plant model ECO 6000 VR-WW. At the statistical level we find a significant match: while the average size of plants produced in 2001 was 4500 liters per day, in 2007 it rose to 7100 and in 2016 it was even more than 13,000. This figure confirms the trend in recent years to develop larger and larger plants as well as showing excellent signs of recovery in some application areas.

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